The 411
My name is Janine Mischor and I’m a 27-year old German living in Munich and am a student of media computer science at the LMU. I’ve been a freelance webdesigner and website developer since 1999 and founded the network The Fanlistings in 2000 which has grown into a large and popular online community.

Web History
I started out doing websites around November 1999 when buying a “How to learn HTML” guide wherein included was a webdesign program – FrontPage. I was excited and I so wanted to learn how to build a website. I started out as an amateur, not knowing what frames were but soon enough I built my first site. It was called “The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lurky Lounge” and was a general Buffy fansite. Shortly thereafter I created a second Buffy the Vampire Slayer site called “The Slayer Files” to replace the old one.

After a while I made a self-instruction course on how to build and handle frames and from that point on I was excited. I built “Slayer’s Empire” after a while which is still open today and is the first Fanlisting on the net. I loved the idea of the Fanlistings, so I created a headquarters site “The Fanlistings” where people can sign up for their own fanlistings. As the idea found more and more followers and became popular, the site grew so big that it became too much to handle and so I gave the site away back in 2000.

My first real collective was NineToZero.com – I purchased the domain via puretec.de on June 6, 2001 and moved it to hostonce.com on January 24, 2002 where it became NineToZero.org.

My second site collective became seraphic-devil.org on October 19, 2002. I chose this domain because my blog was named “Seraphic Devil” and I thought this term described me very well.

Black-Inside.org was born on September 29, 2004. At this point in my online “career” I just needed to have PHP and MySQL and all that kind of stuff, so I had to register a new domain name and webspace The site is hosted at SurpassHosting.com.

In 2004 I entered the world of fansites. While many have been closed or given away now, I still maintain a select few.

Today I mainly use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 to design and code my websites.