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To new beginnings

Happy new year everyone! I got home from a short yet great vacation in Austria today. The scenery was magnificent. We had every kind of weather you can imagine. I literally took hundreds of photographs in those 7 days. I hope to be working on those and share my...

Photography: Seasons change

We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather here in Munich, but that all comes to an end tomorrow, so I decided to grab my camera and try and capture some early fall impressions. You can see the result below.

It’s a small world…

I recently went on a short holiday to Disneyland, Paris. Naturally I took some photos. I’ve uploaded some of my faves to my photography portfolio. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite places there. Love the spookiness! Additionally I took some experimental photos in my hometown Munich during...

Digital Painting: Eye

A friend and I where discussing digtial painting techniques and decided to take one and the same picture and compare our different styles of painting. I took a more dramatic approach and favored abstractness instead of realism. You can see my result below and be sure to check out...

Speedpainting: Daenerys Targaryen

Finally did some digital drawing again. This one is inspired by the HBO show Game of Thrones based on the book series by George R.R. Martin. In the book Daenerys wasn’t always my favorite. I loved her story, but at times she became a bit annoying, but I always...

Speedpainting: Sophia Bush

And another new speedpainting, this time of actress Sophia Bush wherein I’ve practiced some basic shading and use of lighting. view in my portfolio

New speedpainting: Ian Somerhalder

Here’s a quick new speedpainting I did of Ian Somerhalder over the last couple of days during study breaks. I left it “unfinished” on purpose and not due to time constraints. view in my portfolio