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Scooby Gang

Buffy Anne Summers played by Sarah Michelle Gellar is the chore character - well duh the show is called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". She is the Chosen One, the Slayer - chosen by the Powers that Be to fight the forces of darkness. And after dying at the end of season 5, she was brought back by her friends, Willow being the one to cast the spell. Buffy's been together with Spike a lot but eventually turned him down which led to him attempting to having his chip removed and seeking revenge but he was instead given a soul.
Alexander Lavelle Harris called Xander played by Nicholas Brendon is the fun guy in the gang. He's always been interested in Buffy and Angelus once called him "Buffy's White Knight". He's got no special powers but is still a helpful part of the group. He and Anya were engaged but he didn't go and marry her. When Willow turned bad he was the one who brought her back on the good side.

Willow Rosenberg played by Alyson Hannigan is Buffy's best friend right from the start. Starting with season 3 she's interested in witchcraft and by the end of season 5 her power has increased vastly but she's often misusing her abilities and performing more and more risky spells, like bringing Buffy back from the dead. After Tara got killed, Willow turned to the dark side for awhile, killing Warren in a very bloody way but Xander brought her back.

Spike aka William the Bloody played by James Marsters is a vampire. He's got no soul like Angel but he's got a chip in his head which doesn't allow him to hurt/kill humans. He's still bad but because of his crush on Buffy and the fact that he can only kill demons he helps the gang. After Buffy's rejection of him, he let his chip get removed and is back to real Spike now.

Anya Emerson played by Emma Caulfield is an ex-demon who is doomed to be an human being now. She's over 1000 years old and therefore a good information center for the Scooby Gang. Finally Xander fulfilled her the wish to make their marriage known to the Scoobies. After her non-marriage with Xander, Anya decided to become a Vengeance Demon again.

Although not a very helpful part as of yet, Dawn Summers, Buffy's little first unwanted now beloved sister who is played by Michelle Trachtenberg is the Key after all. Her blood opens a portal to the underworld - well not anymore.

Tara Maclay played by Amber Benson is a witch and Willow's girlfriend. The 2 have done many spells together and are powerful witches. After Tara's brain was sucked by Glory it was Willow who reversed that spell. Tara is not so amused by Willow using magic all the time - speaking of very powerful spells. She accidentally got killed by Warren which led to Willow going all evil.

Rupert Giles, just Giles for the gang, played by Anthony Stewart Head is Buffy's Watcher. During the seasons he has trained her to be a good slayer, he's had it tough at the beginning but now Buffy and he are very close. Giles is leaving Sunnydale to go back to England.

O t h e r s
Angel aka Angelus
played by David Boreanaz
The one vampire with a soul. Buffy's true love, but when he experienced one moment of true pleasure he looses his soul and turns into evil vampire Angelus. He couldn't deal with that and seeing Buffy mourn because of him, so he took off to Los Angeles to help the hopeless.
Cordelia Chase
played by Charisma Carpenter
Was once the most wanted girl at Sunnydale High, but she lost her money. After graduation she went off to Los Angeles to become an actress but ended up helping Angel as she's having visions.
played by Eliza Dushku
A Slayer called after Kendra ( a slayer called when Buffy died for a moment) was killed by Drusilla. She's not big with rules and after accidently killing a human she turned to the bad side and became a rogue slayer. Buffy sent her into coma for 8 months but Faith woke up and swore revenge. But she travelled to Los Angeles hired by Wolfram & Hart to kill Angel which she failed to do. Instead he took care of her and led her to the right way, the one of redemption. She is now in jail.
Daniel Osborne aka Oz
played by Seth Green
Willow's ex-boyfriend who became a werewolf. After betraying Willow with Veruca, a she-werewolf he ended up killing Veruca and left Sunnydale for good to cure this plague of being a werewolf. While he was gone Willow befriended and eventually fell in love with Tara.