Photography: Spring time

Went out into the forest close to where I live in Munich with my Canon EOS 1000D to take it for a test drive. I’ve had a crash course in using a DSLR as part of my studies for university, but that was just a tiny glimpse and I’ve yet to fully understand the effects of different settings for aperture, exposure and shutter speed. Today I mainly focused on experimenting with depth of field. I must admit that I had a hard time making the adjustments that resulted in the outcome that I wanted for my photos. Photography is not just point and shoot when you have a more powerful tool at your hands.

I’ve been looking at tutorials for photography beginners and I must say that I’ve found to be rather informative and helpful, so you might want to check that blog out if you’re just starting out like me.

New photos in the ‘Portfolio’, Pages 2-3

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